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About us


About us

Pure Performance

The Concept

Our approach is simple, Canadian’s are a World leading group when it comes to time spent not only in the active pursuit or fitness but on time spent researching fitness and fitness related products.

Yet we are poorly catered to as a market online, with the only real option being to ship in from the United States and incur duty charges.

Not only that but the products themselves coming from the United States are not only inferior to our European counterparts (find out more) but the price paid reflects heavy marketing and retailers mark up’s, meaning the cost way over inflated.

DoProtein are based in Canada and we ship from our facility straight to you, we also only sell online so there is no middle-man..ever.

This means not only do you get the convenience of our easy to use and informative site but you have the products delivered straight to you, next day (see shipping policy)

What you end up with is a superior quality product and a great price, sent right to you.

This is why at DoProtein we run the motto “No Compromise” Canada deserves the best and we are here to deliver.

Half a million active customers, we are totally committed to bringing you the very best supplements available from around the world at affordable prices.


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